Celia "Cessie" Alfonso is a nationally recognized expert in forensic social work, domestic violence and organizational development in the area of cultural competence and valuing diversity. She is founder and president of Alfonso Consultants, Inc. which for the past 20 years has provided social work and psychosocial assessments to the clients of civil and criminal attorneys throughout the United States, and internationally. As a mitigation specialist, she and her associates have conducted over 700 mitigation investigations since she began providing services. She is an activist who marched against the Vietnam War, for civil rights, women, lesbian, and gay rights. Currently she is a board member of Citizen Action of New York.


“People of color are standing up!

We want you to be accountable.”

— Cessie Alfonso

Speaking Engagements

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Department of Public Defense 2019 Annual Conference

Presenter: Cessie Alfonso

Topic: “The History of Mitigation and the Use of Self in Mitigation”

Date: Friday, September 27, 2019

Location: Washington State Conference Center